ECMCT in the Future

After 24 months of activity in the framework of the LEONARDO DA VINCI
program, the six European partner institutions, the students and the Evaluation Committee reflected upon their experiences in the first year of the ECMCT prototype teaching program.

Realizing that the program was valuable and informative for the selected students as well as for the associated institutions, they have also been looking for ways to extend and to improve the project in order to make it a regularly-offered course independent from external financial support.

All partner institutions showed the willingness to make ECMCT a recognized training program, an important step towards official qualification and allowing students to apply for scholarships.

In this chapter, you can find the detailed prototype teaching program and the specific methods and topics that each institution developed for its own ECMCT curriculum.
You can then read a resume of several assessments of the program, both by the students and by the independent Evaluation Committee, and finally discover the outline for the extension of the project past the end of the official LEONARDO DA VINCI programme period.